There are several “ways to make money with a blog”, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, so I’ve created this blog category to create a series of blog posts that deal specifically with the topic of blog monetization and ways to make money from your blog.

Let me just clarify that earning money from your blog is different from earning more money from your blog. Optimising your PPC Ad placements will help you earn more money, but the actual earning money part is made possible by the PPC advertising network that makes the display of the ads possible.

As such, this category will not include posts about ways to make more money from your site by improving click through rates, quality scores and optimising what you already have, but rather a collection of posts that seek to highlight the best direct and indirect methods for making money from your blog.

Where possible, examples and links will be provided at the end of each post for you to check out as well, so watch this space for the first post in the “Make Money With Your Blog” series for information about great ways to make money from your blog.

The first few posts in the series will deal with the topic of direct monetization. The draft that I’m working on at present will be a quick introduction to the four most popular ways to make money with your blog, namely PPC advertising, CPM advertising, banner advertising and text link ads.

Thanks for reading this short intoduction to the new blog category, I look forward to providing you with some really cool blog monetization options and discussing them wih you.

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To Your Success,
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PS: If you have experience with a particular method I’ve highlighted, I’d be delighted to hear your opinion, please consider leaving a comment or dropping us an email about your experience.